Terms & Conditions

By accepting Milton Maid’s professional cleaning service appointments and agreeing to a service that is provided by Milton Maids, the client agrees to accept Milton Maids’ terms and conditions listed below.


The terms and conditions found below, the letter of confirmation for our services, and our cleaning schedule, constitute the agreement between the parties in its entirety. No other oral or written statements shall be binding upon the parties. If in the instance that one part of this agreement is found to be invalid or voided, the remaining terms and conditions remain in full effect nonetheless.


Please contact us for clarification if any of these terms and conditions are not clear to you. Your statutory rights are not affected. These terms and conditions may be changed and/or updated from time to time. In that case, we will notify you in writing.


Milton Maids’ contract does not lock you in. If you would like to cancel your service, just let us know by phone or email. We offer a 24-hour 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for all re-occurring customers. A re-occurring customer is a customer that books our service on a regular basis (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.). In the event that you are not happy with our service in any areas of your home, just call us within 24 hours! We will return immediately to clean those areas for free.


We offer a 24-hour, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for all re-occurring Customers (i.e. weekly, biweekly, etc.). If you are not satisfied with any area of your home, just call us within 24 hours and we’ll return immediately to clean those areas for free.


You will receive 5% OFF in the case that you prepay for the year’s cleaning service, after the first clean and before the first re-occurring appointment (which would be the first appointment immediately after the first clean).


You are free to cancel at any time this prepaid year’s cleaning service. You just need to complete the following steps:


  1. Give a period of one cleans notice.
  2. Pay the 5% that was initially taken off the annual amount. This 5% discount will be subtracted from the remainder annual amount.


If you book a recurring service and then cancel it after the first cleaning, the service will be charged as a One-Time cleaning rate.


We always try our hardest to commit to exact arrival times. We service homes Monday through Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. We also service homes on Saturday by appointment.


Because there may be last-minute changes in our schedule, there may be times that we need to clean your home in the morning instead of the afternoon, for example.


If you wish to cancel, reschedule or skip a cleaning, provide 24-hour notice. This is completely free during this 24-hour notice. Without a 24-hour notice, you will be liable for a $70.00 cancelation fee.


Payment for our services is expected in full the day of the cleaning. We have a “No Check / Charge credit card” policy. All services are charged at the time of cleaning. We accept all credit cards. Cancelations will also be charged to the credit card.


If we get your check returned from your bank due to Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF), we will assess an additional $30 fee as allowed by law.


The cost of the service includes the cleaning and the provision of reasonable equipment and supplies in order to complete the cleaning service, which are provided by Milton Maids. Any extra cleaning tasks that require additional equipment or supplies will be billed additionally.


Our teams are instructed to follow the requirements for the clean they are conducting.
Milton Maids’ staff will clean areas based on the requirements and information they have available. If you wish to add other services, you can do so by contacting our office at least one business day in advance. This could create changes in fees.


Our house cleaners are professionals, but they are also subject to distractions, which affect their ability to work. Distractions can include pets, third parties, or contractors that interfere with Milton Maids’ staff duties. We reserve the right to charge for our extra time that was spent as the result of these distractions.


In any case a Milton Maids’ employee feels that their personal safety and wellbeing is in danger in a way that they need to leave the job site, because of actions by the customer or someone else at the job site, the Customer will be liable for the full cost of the job.


If anyone in your household is suspected or confirmed of contracting an infectious disease and/or virus, you must notify with at least 24 hours of anticipation before your visit. Under these circumstances, Milton Maids reserves the right to cancel cleaning appointments.


Items of extreme monetary or sentimental value should be cleaned by the owner. We assume no liability for items that get broken or damaged if they were damaged previously before cleaning or if they were not secured properly in the first place. For example, dents and scratches that were present in furniture before cleaning, or heavy pictures that were hanging from thumbtacks). We will not assume any liability for loss or damage caused by the Customer’s negligence.


Our staff is efficient and professional, but they are not miracle workers. Some areas, items, or surfaces will take more than one cleaning to make them look their best. If they are too damaged, we won’t be able to make them look spotless. In this case, we will work with you to find a solution that makes sense for you to fix these spots.


Professional house cleaners working for Milton Maids have agreed in their work contract that they or their family or friends will not accept direct employment from customers of Milton Maids. Milton Maids cleaners will not be able to accept direct employment during the time they work at Milton Maids and for a period of one year after ending their work agreement with Milton Maids.


In the case that you wish to hire a current or former Milton Maids cleaner, you will be charged a $1740.00 referral fee. Once this referral fee is paid, Milton Maids will no longer be responsible for management or supervision of the house cleaner, regarding responsibilities such as scheduling, performance, taxes, and security of your household or the housekeeper.


Customer’s security and privacy is very important to Milton Maids. We will keep all your details confidential and your house keys safe. Please make sure your home is accessible to us and that you disarm your security system or give us the entry code to enter.


Milton Maids cleaning plans are based on the average time that it takes for a house to get cleaned. Payments are based on the service provided and not on the amount of time it takes our cleaning team spends at your home.


However, we have an estimated average time for cleaning according to the tasks and areas. If your house is not found in this “average” condition and it takes more than 1 extra hour to clean, Milton Maids reserves the right to bill for the extra time spent.