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Welcome to Milton Maids’ Apartment Cleaning Service!

There is so much you can do in Milton. You have anything from the Hilton Conservation Area, the Mt. Stuart Reserve, or the Milton Sports Centre.

But, as we know, you cannot enjoy these activities when you’re running errands and just moving through the day. Doing tasks like mopping floors and wiping countertops can stop us from enjoying our free time.

That’s why it created our Apartment Cleaning Service. We want to remove stress from your household and give you the chance to spend quality time with your family, your friends, or even by yourself!

Our Apartment Cleaning follows a Standard Cleaning Service. This means that we cover all essential areas in your household and make sure it’s nice and clean.

If you live in a condo, please visit our Condo Cleaning page!

If you haven’t cleaned your home in a while, or if you need us to reach every nook and cranny, you may want to check our Deep Cleaning page.

And if you want to move soon, visit our Move-In or our Move-Out Cleaning Service. Our booking process is quick and easy!


Get your apartment cleaned by experts at any time. Photography:  Deborah Cortelazzi / Unsplash

Whe Should You Choose an Apartment Cleaning Service

An Apartment Cleaning service can be the solution if you have to avoid spending time and energy on cleaning your home.

We all know it’s important that you take care of your house and clean it regularly. But cleaning is usually full of repetitive chores that demand time, as well as mental and physical energy.

Apartments are usually nice and compact. But that comes with a downside: if the kitchen is messy, you will notice right away from the living room or dining room. If you have pets, they will walk over your floors and furniture, so you will need to clean more often.

Cleaning also increases the risk of house accidents. Everyone has slipped or tripped at least once while mopping their floors or wiping their cabinets.

You can say goodbye to all these concerns if you hire a cleaning service!


If you apartment is messy, you will notice it right away.

Why Milton Maids’ Apartment Cleaning Service

Milton Maids is a cleaning company that takes great pride in offering an exceptional experience. This includes every step of the process: starting with our booking page, where you can complete the process under 2 minutes.

After you have chosen your appointment, we will contact you the day before to confirm and make sure our cleaners will have access to your apartment.

On cleaning day, you are free to stay at home or go out and enjoy your free time while our cleaners work their magic!

Last but not least, after our service is completed we will contact you to ensure you were happy with our service and receive any feedback to improve and make sure it’s even better next time.


Milton Maids takes pride in offering top-notch quality cleaning service.

The Apartment Cleaning Complete Process

Kitchen & Eating Area

  • General dusting
  • Outside of range hood cleaned
  • Clean countertops
  • Clean the drip pans
  • Clean top and front of rage
  • Clean fronts of other appliances
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Mop and vacuum the floors
  • Clean and disinfect the sink and shine the chrome
  • Wipe off the microwave
  • Remove the trash


  • General dusting
  • Clean and disinfect the bathtubs, vanity, sink, showers, tile walls and shower doors
  • Shower doors cleaned and disinfected
  • Clean and shine the chrome fixtures and mirrors
  • Wash and disinfect the floors
  • Carpets vacuuming
  • Chemically treat mildew
  • Clean and disinfect the toilet
  • Remove the cobwebs
  • Empty the trash

Living & Sleeping Areas

  • Vacuum readily accessible floors
  • Dust flat areas with damp cloth
  • Dust, mop, and vacuum wooden floors
  • Vacuum the stairs
  • Dust picture frames
  • Remove cobwebs
  • General dusting
  • Dust ledges and window sills
  • All readily accessible floors vacuumed
  • Dust heavy knick-knack areas
  • Ready the beds
  • Remove the trash

This list follows the Standard Cleaning process and during the booking process, you can add as many extras and specific instructions as you want to.


You can also contact us or visit our Help & FAQ if you have more questions. But don’t worry, our booking process is simple and straightforward. Check it below!

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